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A Few Words on Bitcoin Cash

If you’re not already familiar with Bitcoin Cash, it’s a cryptocurrency operating on a P2P transaction protocol known as Blockchain. Bitcoin Cash was made publicly available in August of 2017, right before the crypto market was taken by the storm in December of the same year.

We can say that Bitcoin Cash is the younger brother of the cryptocurrency with the highest market cap, Bitcoin. BCH (Bitcoin Cash) was started by the same miners and developers as BTC (Bitcoin). However, there are certain differences between the two cryptocurrencies, their block size for instance. Bitcoin has a block size of 1 MB whereas BCH’s block size was quadrupled to 32 MB after its initial launch size being 8 MB.

Bitcoin Cash Wallets

There are a gazillion cryptocurrency wallets in existence that provide services for hundreds of cryptocurrencies all around the world. Based on what you’re looking for, i.e., whether you’re looking for a wallet to store your BCH, trade/buy/sell it, etc., you can pick the best suited wallet for you.

For example, if you wish to trade frequently with BCH, you should consider a wallet with low trading fees. Similarly, if you want a wallet to hold your BCH in, a hardware wallet should be your best choice. If you need help with choosing the best wallet for your purpose, you can send our support team a message via live chat or directly dial our service number. One of our experts will be in touch with you ASAP.

Sending/Receiving BCH

Sending or receiving Bitcoin Cash requires a unique public key that you need to share with the sender or receiver. It’s a time consuming but secure process that you need to be patient through. However, if you don’t have proper knowledge about sending/receiving BCH, it’s strongly suggested that you get assistance from professionals.

Legality & Availability in Your Country

We’re past the phase when the world was skeptical about how cryptocurrency works. A lot of countries are still a little skeptical about it but not as much as people were in its initial time. Bitcoin Cash is legal in almost every country in the world. Although, make it certain that BCH is legal and available in your country by talking to one of our experts on phone call or live chat.

Keep in mind that we can help you with everything related to cryptocurrency. So, do not hesitate to contact our support team even in the middle of the night. What are you still waiting for? Let’s make some money with BCH.